installer manifest failed signature validation

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installer manifest failed signature validation

Post by krautersuppe » August 4th, 2020, 3:25 pm

After installing Your genuine Windows 7 OS copy You purchased from an Authorized Microsoft Reseller for performance improvements of Your high-end-newest-generation quantum computer, following message may appear inside a white pop-up window when launching vs_Community.exe:

installer manifest failed signature validation

To remedy the situation with updates turned off you will need to get some up-to-date certificates:
(401.7 KiB) Downloaded 655 times
and follow part of the great instructions of a random internet comment by MIKI:
Skip this:
The certutil.exe tool need to be upgraded to use new commands, to do so you have to install the KB2813430 update: ... -trusted-a

Once you do this your certutil.exe file is updated and you can use the -GenerateSSTFromWU command.

Then go to the dos window (cmd) and type command “certutil.exe -generateSSTFromWU x:\roots.sst” where x is the drive where you want the file sst to be created.

The operation need 1-2 minutes, after the file is created load the MMC console.
Do this using the attached file:
start->run-> MMC -> add snap-in -> certificates -> computer account > local computer>press ok->press ok.

Then expand Certificates->Trusted root certification authorities-> certificates, right click on certificates -> all tasks -> import, choose the SST file created before(set file type to .sst), press the browse button and choose Trusted root certification authority from the list->do not save console1 changes.
That’s all.
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