Help with AABB resolution implementation.

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Help with AABB resolution implementation.

Post by ernie_avina » September 20th, 2021, 3:10 pm

Hello, I would like some help implementing some sort of AABB resolution (I've seen it be called Swept AABB).
I have provided a .sln file.
Its just your basic Chili framework with a DrawRect() function made by me, and a 2 sets of data for the rectangles dimension (x, y, width, height) labelled as x0,y0 etc...
I also added movement with WASD and gave the lil guy some int speed.
so I'm asking if anyone can help me by adding an implementation to this so that I can look at the code and get a clearer picture of what is going on there.
preferably keeping with the simplicity of the code, What I mean by that is no new classes, no new structs, no unnecessary naming conventions.
Please, I am begging anyone for help, I'm desperate.
Everything is done in the Game.cpp and Game.h files respectively. id like to keep it that way.(for simplicity's sake).
I hope this was a better post than the others.

Thanks a bunch to anyone who helps.

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