DX12 or DX11 ?

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DX12 or DX11 ?

Post by haflo » June 27th, 2021, 7:59 am

Hi Everyone,
My name is Yaron from Simbionix , we are specializing in physical surgery simulations with real life rendering .

Lately i been tasked on leading a very small team mostly 2 people , to rebuild our graphic engine (based on Directx9 ex to a newer one)
first task (i already has challenges with) , is finding out if to aim toward directx11 or 12 .)

if i am trying to do quantified pros and cons , i am finding it hard to get hands on info on , what do i gain ? how much it costs ? do the "user" (the guy who use the engine to build up the scene and effects have a cost as well ? (proficiency or QOL does count as a cost)

if any of you have any knowledge to share , and can make me a little bit smarter on the subject i will be very grateful.

for example for pros , main two bullets i found is
* performance - mostly CPU . and mostly threaded . probably less relevant to me , we have very limited number of object in a scene (i am in a person stomach and not open world) and limited draw calls.
* consoles and pc unification - also less relevant, since we have dedicated hardware i can choose.

The cost is
building resource manager and scheaduler , and handle alot of the stuff the driver was doing for you , and writing parallel code , which come with its own risks and costs.
but anyone have a story of how much develop time did it take ?

here is a link to what we do if anyone interested , and again any information or experiance will be amazing
*carefull , its realistic rendering of a surgery , so can be disturbing to people


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