Possible Request.

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Possible Request.

Post by RamblingBaba » February 20th, 2021, 9:47 am


I was wondering if you could maybe do some type of mini-series showing how you would work with a team or even an additional person? I've always been self-taught, never reached out to find people to program with, but I've always been curious how it works, especially when you see 50+ programmers on a game?

I'm assuming it's a shift-type thing, with people working on different sections of code. Honestly, I don't even know how half the Github functions work because one time I cleared all my projects and couldn't get them back. So I stick with push and pull, something I seem to forget all about these days. It would be cool to see how that might work in a more "live" setting, perhaps integrate it with a GitHub or whatever you are supposed to use walkthrough?

Just a thought.

Thanks, be safe and only smoke cracks if you can remain productive.

PS: I'm not a team player and specifically attached to the letter 'I' .

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Re: Possible Request.

Post by Yumtard » March 19th, 2021, 10:06 pm

It varies between companies

But usually there's some type of project management software like jira, hansoft or trello.
The project can then be broken down into different tasks with different priority. The tasks can also be broken down into sub tasks.
These tasks are then assigned to different programmers / artists / designers.
There may be weekly meetings where you go over the tasks that are supposed to be done during the week.
There may also be short daily meetings in the morning in order to make sure everyone has a task / knows what they're going to be working on for the day.

And then there's source control and typically you'd create a new branch for every task your working on. When you're done, you submit it for code / merge review

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