Common issues

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Re: Common issues

Post by hey » January 5th, 2022, 6:08 am

Thank you, downloading the 2017 version removed all the errors. I was willing to get used to vs 22 since its newer but I guess I will do that after the tutorials.

Edit: And here I am again I have the same errors even after downloading the 2017 version and then creating a new branch. Here is my screen if anyone is interested in helping me out.
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Re: Common issues

Post by heyy » May 14th, 2023, 7:04 am

I had lost my old account 'hey' and didn't get an email after I chose forgot password and entered my email, so please remove my old account. Anyway, I've found the solution after a year of giving up. It turns out all you have to do is retarget the solution to sdk 10 if you're using windows 10 or to sdk 11 if you're using windows 11. if that doesn't work then you should try re installing 'Desktop development with C++' and check if the sdk checked is 10 or 11. I don't know why I had taken a year to find the solution as it is simple, I had been so focused on git giving me the problems but turns out even in the most basic C++ programs this happens and I wonder why. I am happy that I found a solution anyway or else I would've quit again.

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