A philosophical question

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A philosophical question

Post by cyboryxmen » June 6th, 2020, 3:53 pm

For centuries, programmers have asked themselves countless times one fundamental question:

Should you name the folders "source" and "include" or "sources" and "includes"?

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Re: A philosophical question

Post by albinopapa » June 6th, 2020, 4:44 pm

You've forgotten "inc" and "src".

You know, I've briefly pondered that age old question, not for myself or what flavor of Koolade I prefer, but what makes others choose such wild flavors.

The only reason to pluralize the folder names would be because of the designations of the types of files they contain and what you do with them. You #include headers ( so a folder of includes ) and cpp files are often called source files ( so a folder of sources ). Conversely, I see this as a per project thing, like calling a group of individuals "people" and different groups of individuals with different characteristics "peoples". The "Include" folder holds headers and "Source" holds translation units meant for this group ( project ). I never liked the description/designation of source file for cpp files. Source code would be header and cpp files anyway. Translation unit for cpp files doesn't make much sense to me, what is the unit translating?

In the end, folder names of "Headers/TranslationUnits" probably would never catch on after 60 or so years, but that's the most accurate. However, at least one project "SFML" uses the "source/src" folder to mean implementation details even with headers albeit private headers, so "Headers/TranslationUnits" wouldn't make much sense for their setup.

Programmers love to shorten names, so some time, some where you'd have "hdr/tu" folders, or soon it will be just "modules" or "mods".
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