Creating a Visual Studio Solution for a large c++ project

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Creating a Visual Studio Solution for a large c++ project

Post by RustKnight » August 28th, 2019, 7:54 am


So here is a link to the actual project

For the past week I've been on and off trying to build the project. It does not seem to have specific instructions for VS - only for minGW.
Problem is, I just don't feel like starting to even try following the instructions, because I mostly do not understand the reason of the steps I should take.
That in turn means that if I want to adapt the whole thing for VS, since I cannot reason the instructions, I cannot adapt them and will most likely lead to dead ends I cannot comprehend or even google as its too particular.

As a side note: I've previously set up my own project for SDL2 for example, so I know that much and what it implies.

What would you guys recommend I start with ?

Also - how would in general somebody proceed with such a task ? Simply learn cMAke and use that to generate solutions for VS ?
All help is greatly appreciate as this project is of vital importance for me !

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Re: Creating a Visual Studio Solution for a large c++ project

Post by albinopapa » August 28th, 2019, 11:08 pm

Visual Studio does support cmake building of projects, but using CMake GUI is a lot easier.

You have a source ( where the CMakeLists.txt is )
You have a destination ( where you want to "build" your project.
There's a "Configure" button where you can choose your compiler and architecture.

Once you click OK from the Configure box, your Visual Studio solution will be created in the destination folder you chose. Then, you just open the folder, double click on the .sln file and usually Build All, but you can choose what to build by right clicking on one of the projects in the Solution Explorer tab, then click on Rebuild.
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