LNK1104 Error

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LNK1104 Error

Post by Optimum » February 28th, 2019, 9:40 pm

Hello neighbours,

New programmer here. I have some basic understanding of programming do to HTML/CSS/JS experience so i tried my luck and decided to learn C++.
After finding the Chili Tutorials I keep getting hit following error using VS 2017 (Installed like Chili recommended)

I keep getting this error after I make changes to the Game.cpp and trying to build/run it.

Does anybody have an idea about how to fix this problem?

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Re: LNK1104 Error

Post by cyboryxmen » March 1st, 2019, 1:39 am

No one is going to know what LNK1104 Error is. You'll need to post more information about the error than just its number. More importantly, we'll need to take a look at your code to better figure out what's wrong

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Re: LNK1104 Error

Post by albinopapa » March 1st, 2019, 7:37 am

A quick google search turned up this.

As cyboryxmen states, it is very difficult to determine what or where the problem is without actually having the code to try and compile or look over, but here are some things to look for.

As the link suggests, it could be missing files or lack of permissions or the file is in use by another program. I get linker errors some times if my anti-virus program blocks the EXE from being built/run. All my projects are in my dropbox folder, so if I try compiling without saving first, it could be that the files are locked during this save so can't be read from to compile and the last thing I can think of is something wrong with an #include statement.

For #include statements, make sure to use double quotes for files in your solution and angle brackets for files that are not a part of your solution like:
#include "Graphics.h" // <- file that is in your solution
#include <Windows.h> // <- file not in your solution

Make sure the header is spelled correctly and that it points to the correct directory.
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