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 Post Posted: July 29th, 2014, 9:11 am 

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So i'm following a series of c++ game tutorials i found on a university website that go from basics to graphics to physics engines and AI and im really interested in them. I just got up to the graphics section (OpenGL) and i can run the tutorials but they don't seem to render anything to the screen, i got really frustrated and even ended up copy and pasting the code directly from the tutorials still unable to get anything to come up. Maybe my computer just won't run it or something but if somebody can see if they are able to run it that would be awesome.

tutorials: ... sforgames/

As far as i can tell the program is functioning properly, it responds to keyboard input, i am able to change the setcolour on the backbuffer i am just unable to render anything to the screen and i can't figure out why. I have high enough OpenGL version (4.2 if my memory is correct, this should only require 3.2). Any help would be greatly appreciated, these tutorials look really awesome for game programming and i'd love to have a look at them (plus its the only 3D tutorial i've found that incorporates skeletal animation ;) )

File comment: To run the program just right click -> unload the other tutorials and set the first tutorial as the startup project. The nclgl file contains all the framework stuff.

(Sorry i didn't really know how to perform cleanup on this file so i just left it)

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